Treatment Centers in Westchester County

"We are a group of licensed professionals who are here to help. Are you or a loved one experiencing depression, anxiety, or feeling stuck? Is life not going the way you want it to? Are you feeling tense and want to relax? Each of our practitioners specialize in specific areas designed to ease you to feelings of health and wellbeing. As you change and grow, your life miraculously changes around you. Conflicts resolve, relationships heal, new understandings are gained. We offer many programs designed to serve and we look forward to serving you. Please visit our website at"
"Just 45 minutes from New York City, Constellations Recovery is the first Sober Living in Westchester, NY. Sober Living is essential in providing a strong foundation for recovery and to transition individuals back into everyday life. Our home is unique and tailored toward each of our residents' individual needs. Constellations Recovery supports the 12-Step program and principles. We focus on both personal and professional growth, strong morale, physical fitness, and encourage exploration of spirituality. We offer premium amenities with a fully trained staff to help transition our residents into an independent future."
"The Westchester Institute Counseling Service offers affordable therapy for every stage of life. Our service is directed toward the treatment of children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. We also work with those coping with issues of aging and disability. The focus of the psychodynamically oriented treatment is anxiety, depression, trauma, family and relationship conflicts, career issues, and identity concerns. Clients can be seen in Westchester County, New York, and Fairfield County, Connecticut. For further information or to make a referral to the service please contact the Institute at the number listed below."
"The Counseling Center at Yorktown Heights is an outpatient addiction treatment center for adults and adolescents seeking treatment for addiction, alcoholism, and co-occurring disorders associated with addiction and substance use. The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) combines evidence-based, state of the art treatment with 12 Step principles. The IOP is an intense, focused experience designed to enable sober and productive living."
"We are the ONLY Intensive Outpatient Program in Westchester County that combines the top evidence based practice with a HOLISTIC APPROACH. Our proximity to NY Presbyterian Hospital allows us to draw a top tier clinical team in a PRIVATE and EXCLUSIVE CONCIERGE CARE treatment facility. ...... Our intensive outpatient concierge care setting provides group therapy programs for adolescents and young adults preventing hospitalization or recurring hospitalization while providing coping skills and strategies to help navigate the often difficult journey toward self reliance and emotional stability. Specializing in mood related disorders and self harming behaviors we utilize DBT, Mindfulness Skills, Visualization and Writing to promote Emotional Regulation. Our programs include partial hospitalization programs and after school programs as well as family and multi-family meetings. We treat medical conditions such as Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, Social Phobia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Addiction, ADHD, Eating Disorders, school refusal and impulsivity. Our groups and programs are designed for persons at risk of entering a hospital, denied inpatient care or stepping-down from a hospital and transitioning to community. Our facility is an integrative short term crisis intervention treatment setting providing stabilization and tools for resolving crisis utilizing group psychotherapy and pharmacological support in an exclusive setting."
"The therapists at WCSPP offer psychoanalytically-oriented psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, on a sliding scale, to children, adolescents and adults through-out Westchester, Fairfield and Rockland counties. As part of an advanced clinical training program,our therapists are highly qualified, licensed clinicians who see patients in the privacy of their individual offices for as long as treatment is needed. Our fees are based on a sliding scale, beginning at $30.00. We are committed to providing high-quality, intensive treatment and make every effort to match you with a therapist who can meet your emotional needs and work with you (or your child) on problematic relationships, self-worth and self-esteem, school or work-related conflicts, family history, personal traumas and past losses. Our therapists are committed to working with their patients for the duration of treatment. Because we do not work with insurance companies, you can be assured that treatment will last as long as you feel the need and your treatment remains private and confidential."
"We are committed to changing lives and restoring families by providing evidence based treatment in a safe, structured, nurturing community environment, allowing individuals to reach their full potential. Our team of dynamic professionals truly cares about healing the whole person; mind, body, and spirit."
We serve:
Rye, New York 10580
(360) 310-4457
"We provide bilingual personalized and Empowered Outpatient Group Services. Specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Approach/ Mindfulness, Life Coaching, Mentoring and or Counseling for Mental Health and Addiction issues such as Depression, Anxiety, Anger Management, Self Esteem, Trauma, Drug Addiction, Alcohol, Dual Diagnosis. Stress Mangement, Divorce, Weigh Loss and Grief."
We serve:
White Plains, New York 10601
(203) 916-4131
"We at Oliver-Pyatt Centers strive to genuinely connect with each individual, to address the core issues driving the eating disorder, and to provide the tools needed to live a meaningful life, free from food and weight preoccupation. Our treatment for anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorders, and exercise addiction is therapeutically grounded, and incorporates state-of-the art approaches, research, outcome data, and up-to-date medical knowledge. Our innovative protocols are based on a thorough understanding of eating disorders and the unique experience of each person affected by one."
We serve:
Bronxville, New York 10708
(866) 275-3857
"Whether for you, a dear friend, or a beloved family member, our commitment to recovery is unparalleled. We take all PPO insurances and offer a length of stay commitment that guarantees program completion, regardless of insurance complications. Our skilled, compassionate staff is dedicated to your daily success throughout your stay. Specializing in Dual-Diagnosis treatment, Beaches Recovery's qualified staff is trained to diagnose and treat mental health issues co-occurring with drug and alcohol addiction."
We serve:
Purchase, New York 10577
(866) 251-6664
"Most psychotherapy, whether short-term problem focused or long-term psychoanalytically-oriented treatment, relies upon a dialogue between the therapist and the patient. The purpose of this dialogue is to help explore the underlying causes of problems and symptoms. Our well trained therapists we can help you tap into that specialness that's already inside of you."
We serve:
Pelham, New York 10803
(347) 474-7126 x696
"Founder and clinical director, Dr. Edward Nichols, designed a world-class, comprehensive, diagnostic service that provides diagnosis, treatment options, and treatment referral for ADHD/ADD and all neurodevelopmental disorders. This service is provided in the context of one, all-day visit where the child and parents are extensively interviewed, analysis of caretaker inventories is made, a state-of-the-art Continual Performance Test [CPT] is performed, and a Quantitative Electroencephalograph [QEEG] is performed, yielding brain maps showing the detailed function of the child's brain. These four modalities, taken in concert, result in the most comprehensive evaluation of its kind - second to none in accuracy and utility. The family leaves with a detailed diagnosis and school recommendation regarding needed accommodations, a treatment recommendation, and a follow-up referral to a qualified treatment professional. Additionally, parents receive copies of all reports and studies to inform the school and treating professional. All of this in a one-day visit to one of our two child-friendly facilities. Our line is staffed 24/7 to accommodate your busy schedule. You will receive a call directly from Dr. Nichols who will discuss all the details, answer your questions, and schedule your appointment."
We serve:
White Plains, New York 10601
(607) 699-5672
"At Angel's we honor each client with compassion, respect and unconditional regard for privacy and dignity. We provide a "family style" environment on multiple equine estates. Angel's allows phone and laptop use, which is especially helpful to stay connected to family, employers."
We serve:
Yonkers, New York 10702
(877) 436-2175
"Our Mission To provide the highest level of individualized addiction treatment by bridging the gap between conventional and alternative treatment approaches. This model increases sobriety success rates, save lives, and helps more people recover from addiction and alcoholism. The vision of HARP is to re-define the entire treatment experience. We understand that no two individuals are the same, therefore no two treatment plans should be. Our unique ability to offer a variety of proven recovery methods enables our treatment team to match our clients with a treatment plan and recovery lifestyle that are tailored to their specific needs. HARP Palm Beach is a residential addiction treatment center located in Palm Beach, Florida on a barrier island known as Singer Island. HARP treats females and males 18 years of age and older who suffer from the affliction of drug addiction, alcoholism and mental illness. Our highly experienced staff consists of doctors, psychiatrists, chiropractors, and master's level therapists, comprising a century of clinical experience treating addiction and dual-diagnosis. HARP provides superior individualized treatment in a serene waterfront setting."
We serve:
Scarsdale, New York 10583
(201) 439-8065
"The Southfield Center is a family-centered, interdisciplinary practice dedicated to providing comprehensive diagnostic, therapeutic, and educational services for children and teens across a wide range of challenges. We offer a warm, inviting environment with a team of more than 30 skilled practitioners trained to provide an integrated approach to learning, emotional, and behavioral issues. The Southfield Center offers comprehensive psychological evaluations, as well as a range of other specialized assessments. Our assessment team is led by Dr. Christopher Bogart, who coordinates an interdisciplinary team of practitioners certified to select, administer, and interpret a variety of neuropsychological, psychological, educational, and developmental assessment instruments. Our clinical team performs in-depth evaluations to pinpoint your child's challenges and personal strengths and write reports that are informative, actionable, and timely. Southfield's staff is also available to accompany you to school meetings or to speak with your school's education team."
We serve:
Pound Ridge, New York 10576
(203) 202-7654
"Turning Point has spent the last 12 years forging its reputation as the national leader in gender/age-specific residential programming for young men who've been derailed by addiction and co-occuring disorders. Through a seamless integration of clinical best practices, life skills training, academic/vocational planning, recreational activities, and social development, Turning Point has redefined the meaning of a successful treatment outcome for young men. While in treatment, Turning Point clients resume the pursuit of age-appropriate developmental milestones, re-launching on their journey toward autonomy and self-sufficiency. Our clients are afforded the opportunity to apply the skills they are learning through Turning Point's linkages with academic institutions, vocational placements, and enriching volunteer opportunities. Our 1:2 direct care staff-to-client ratio provides the safety, structure, and support needed to facilitate these key opportunities for growth. Additionally, a wide range of recreational activities and events keep Turning Point clients engaged in treatment and forging meaningful friendships. It is this unique combination of processes, implemented over an extended period of time, that has led us to a position of national leadership in treatment for this very specific gender/age group"
We serve:
Katonah, New York 10536
(203) 427-8256
"Nestled in two hundred wooded acres in the lush Litchfield Hills, High Watch Recovery Center is a residential medical facility that provides state of the art treatment for Substance Use Disorders and co-occurring Psychiatric Disorders. We are experts in treating Substance Use Disorder. Our substance abuse programs are tailored to each individual addiction and administered in a safe, comfortable and healthy environment."
We serve:
Dobbs Ferry, New York 10522
(860) 265-4115
"Busy? No time to get help? I am part of the treatment team at Bright Heart Health providing online face-to-face eating disorder treatment through telehealth. My clients are treated by therapists, dietitians, and other experts through online, live video group and individual sessions. We meet face-to-face so you are working directly with experts. Bright Heart Health is making treatment more convenient, private, and effective, so individuals with busy schedules can get help."
We serve:
Yonkers, New York 10710
(855) 411-0492
"Caron New York, located in Midtown Manhattan, was established as a key resource for professionals, parents and adolescents, as well as the recovering community, which includes Caron alumni living in New York who have completed drug or alcohol rehab. It was also established to provide an outlet for those seeking alcohol treatment in New York to get on the path to recovery. Caron NY offers information, screenings and referral services. The Caron NY staff works closely with Caron's Admissions department and clinical staff when making referrals to Caron's treatment facilities in Pennsylvania, Florida, or Texas. Staff also works with discharge planners to ensure that patients leaving one of Caron's treatment centers has continued support for their alcohol treatment or drug rehabilitation in New York."
We serve:
White Plains, New York 10601
(866) 300-4151
"We're an organization that asks you - what do you want to do with your life? Transcend Recovery Community has been helping clients build new lives in the Los Angeles recovery community since opening its first sober living in 2008. Now we are pleased to expand and offer our services in NYC. Do you or your loved ones feel alone in the struggle against alcohol, drugs, or mental health issues? At Transcend you are not alone. Give one of our intake specialists a call to learn more about becoming a part of our Recovery Community."
We serve:
Chappaqua, New York 10514
(818) 446-2102