Treatment Centers in Ventura County

"We at Vantage Point believe the potential wholeness and well-being of our clients depends on a systematic approach to developing an authentic and fulfilling life. With this in mind, it is our mission to provide a safe, fun and supportive environment where individuals and their families have access to a variety of services to unlock the answers within; creating an overall shift in perspective that empowers our clients to dream big and act small."
"The Evolve Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and Outpatient (OP) program supports clients 13-18 years old who live at home and attend school but need extra support for Mental Health, Addiction and Behavioral issues. The IOP level of care provides clients three hours of treatment 3-5 days a week. Clients receive individual and family therapy, as well as psycho-educational groups such as DBT, CBT, mindfulness and 12 step support. Additionally clients engage in experiential groups such as art, psychodrama, movement and yoga therapies. Our highly trained clinical team includes a Psychiatrist, Nurses, Licensed Therapists, Interns and Certified counselors and recovery coaches, all of whom bring comprehensive knowledge and expertise to the treatment experience. Centrally located in west Los Angeles, Evolve provides a warm and supportive environment that includes private therapy offices, group therapy suites, indoor and outdoor interaction spaces, and state of the art technology. Our staff is handpicked to provide the highest caliber of care in the most compassionate and humanistic fashion."
"Since 2007, countless individuals have come to La Ventana to heal and discover their authentic selves in a beautiful and warm residential setting removed from the constraints of mainstream life. After immersion in our eating disorder, substance abuse, or detoxification residential houses clients practice what they have learned in treatment as they slowly integrate back into the world. Incredibly passionate about the work we do, we hope you find time to visit our treatment programs and participate in our beloved community. Our treatment team includes skilled clinicians who provide culturally competent care for adults and teens. We offer free weekly support groups led by licensed and seasoned professionals with varied focuses to meet the needs of struggling individuals as well as family and friends. There is no need for anyone to suffer alone."
"Changing Tides Treatment is an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Center located in Ventura. Our treatment modalities include DBT, CBT, Relapse prevention and many more..Upscale beach side structured sober living is availble for clients that need that extra structure. Our staff is comprised of Psyhiatrist, Doctorate level Therapist, LMFT's and certified addiction counselors. Free standing Detox unit will be open soon.."
"Want to stop commuting to and from a treatment facility? Want treatment that fits your schedule? Bright Heart Health is the first face-to-face eating disorder treatment program provided through video conferencing. My clients are treated by experts in eating disorders, and each person is assigned a multi-disciplinary team of therapists, dietitians, and other experts. We meet with you through online, live video, also known as telemedicine. Bright Heart is making treatment more convenient, private, and effective."
"The fiery character of Sulphur has always been active in hot springs, volcanoes and meteors. Sulphur transforms -- burning off the toxic elements of the substance it touches, leaving the pure, honest element. Alchemically, Sulphur is equated with the Immortal Spirit. Whether one understands this as Source, life force, God, one's own soul, or the larger community, it is upon this Higher Power that the philosophy of Sulphur Mountain rests. Addiction is a psychological, physical and spiritual disease. It amplifies our needs while diminishing our capacity to cope with what life brings. In this altered state of mind, addicts are desperate, weakened, and locked in a system of selfishness and defeat. We end up far from our true purpose as human beings, unable to truly love ourselves or others. At Sulphur Mountain, we believe that transformation occurs in relationship. A new or renewed relationship with one's Higher Power, immersion in a loving and accepting community, and the structured disciplines proven to facilitate sobriety, all assist to bring the addict back into a healthy relationship with herself and the world"
"Pure Recovery California is an integrative medical, holistic, 360 Degree body-mind-spirit methodology based on scientific research from major teaching institutions, personalized medical wellness based on your DNA, the latest therapeutic advances and the traditions of the twelve-step program. We offer inspired leadership, renowned clinical care, deluxe comfort and customized attention. The PRCA SYSTEM offers sophisticated, comprehensive 360 head to toe care using the latest neuroscience driven therapy, holistic medical treatment and behavior modification. The major focus is treating your addiction while understanding your unique predictive DNA and how it affects your addictive-compulsive behaviors, drug metabolism. chronic pain and brain processing issues. Pure Recovery California's Center is a luxurious, boutique alcohol, drug and brain treatment center located just steps from beach on the Pacific Ocean in Channel Islands, California, between the soaring Santa Monica Mountains and the Pristine Channels Islands. It is home to actors, artists, athletes, professors and business executives. It is perfectly situated between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. Surrounded by the deep blue Pacific Ocean there are water activities, yoga on the beach, twelve step surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, golfing, wonderful hikes, beach biking and boating."
"Whether this is your first attempt at treatment or another attempt following a recent relapse, rest assured that everything you have come to know about drug rehab is about to be completely redefined! At the Lakehouse Recovery Center we employ a level of personal care and standards that look at the whole individual. This is far from just another treatment center, and we invite you to harness this moment and recommit to a life beyond any conception! As a staff, many of us have experienced firsthand the gifts of sobriety as it is when it all first starts in an effective recovery environment. This is your experience and your opportunity to create a future that is anything but your best - this is your life and it deserves the best in addiction treatment care. Our staff offers an enormous scope of practical and academic experience, all of which will be molded around yours or your loved ones individual needs as it pertains to the overall recovery process."
"At the Lakehouse Recovery Center, we view each client from a unique perspective, one which is entirely focused on long-term success in sobriety! This is more than just another drug rehab experience, this is the catalyst to a whole new quality of life... With such an abundance of drug rehab centers throughout Southern California, we have long aspired to be different in numerous ways. Most importantly of course is that we provide a higher, more effective level of care and more reasonable costs. Beyond that however, The Lakehouse Recovery Center operates more as a boutique facility as opposed to a more corporate, one-size-fits-all environment. This approach is rare in the residential treatment world yet has shown time and again to be a winning philosophy for all."
"The Evolve Residential Treatment Program (RTC) is designed to support clients, 13-18 years old, struggling with mental health, addiction, and behavioral issues. At the Residential level of care, clients live on-site in our treatment homes, with 24-hour support and supervision. At Evolve, we believe in the family dynamic and therefore our homes look like homes. We maintain a setting that provides a sense of security, while simultaneously providing a nurturing environment that includes comfortable living quarters, school area, fully equipped gym, swimming pool, chef, ample grounds, music room, 20 foot boxing ring, fitness instructor,Ping-Pong, house mascot, and more. Our staff is handpicked to provide the highest caliber of care in the most compassionate and humanistic way. The clinical staff is comprised of a psychiatrist, nurses, and licensed therapists. Our counseling staff is comprised of experienced counselors, Masters-level interns, and certified recovery coaches, all of whom bring a diverse and eclectic background to bear on the treatment experience."
"Destinations to Recovery in Ventura has a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) during the day and a 3 hour Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) during the evenings Monday through Friday. A sense of social and personal integrity and respect is at the core of our treatment values. These values are consistently cultivated, modeled and maintained. Clients continue living at home and the Program is tailored to accommodate their individual study needs. The Program facilitates a client's real-life implementation of recovery tools and provides the opportunity to process his/her experience in a safe and supportive group and professionally monitored environment. Destinations to Recovery believes that respect for self, others and our community is a philosophy which requires daily practice and underscores the quality of our clients' recovery and growth."
"Prototypes is a non-profit organization established in 1986 with a mission to rebuild the lives of women, children and communities impacted by substance abuse, mental illness, domestic violence. We promote self-sufficiency by providing integrated and comprehensive treatment programs for women and for women with children. Prototypes' residential facilities offer medical detoxification, 30 day to 6 month treatment options for women with a structured focus on individual treatment plans, family therapy / education and discharge planning in a beautiful and comfortable family environment. The extensive curriculum includes Mindfulness, Yoga, Music Therapy, Art Therapy in addition to traditional 12 step modalities."
"Our unique recovery program embraces physical, emotional, and spiritual health. The idea is that if one works on issues that have caused turbulence and unease in one's life, it undermines the need to seek relief from these problems through drugs and alcohol. We will guide you in making positive choices that lead to healthy and productive lives."
"Engage Treatment Programs supports local teens and young adults in the community struggling with managing the symptoms of anxiety, depression, or another mood disorder. Engage Treatment Programs focus on helping teens and young adults learn the skills and tools necessary in order to live a healthier and satisfying life. Engage clients enter our programs seeking guidance at one of the most difficult or challenging times in their lives. Our clients leave not only with the necessary tools to make their goals a reality, but with hope for a bright future to Fully Engage In Life."
"When given new opportunities and education that can improve their lives, people will respond and change in ways that make sense to them. Experienced counselors who respect and educate about individual differences and who value clients' opinions and needs, enable individuals to grow and change to meet the challenges in their lives."
"Genesis Programs, Inc. is a free-standing outpatient treatment program dedicated to helping adults seeking recovery from alcohol and other drug abuse. We have been serving the families of Ventura County since 1993 and we believe our long term success is directly related to our well-trained, enthusiastic, and highly motivated staff. With offices in Ventura and Thousand Oaks, we strive to provide convenient locations and flexible schedules to meet your needs. We are a preferred provider with most insurance companies, helping to make treatment costs reasonable. Genesis is committed to excellence in the treatment of substance use disorder by recognizing it as a primary illness, by providing a supportive environment in which recovery can begin, and by acting as an advocate for quality treatment within the communities we serve. We recognize that all members of the family system are affected by addiction and that all members need assistance in recovery. We help family members and loved ones to understand both addiction and codependency, offering a safe environment to begin the healing process."
"Insurance supported, clinically based detoxification and treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. The Lakehouse Recovery Center offers medical and psychological care, individual and group therapy, relapse prevention and family counseling in a pastoral lakeside setting conducive to abstinence and personal growth. Program highlights stress management, anxiety and depression, grief and loss, goal setting, and physical fitness."
"Passages Malibu rehab center is a non 12-step, holistic treatment facility located in the serene, private hills of Malibu, California. Passages was founded in 2001 by father and son team Chris & Pax Prentiss. Pax successfully overcame a 10-year addiction to alcohol, cocaine, and heroin using a program consisting of holistic, one-on-one therapy. This highly effective therapy is now the backbone of the Passages treatment program and its founding philosophy. Passages Malibu accepts most insurance and has earned the coveted JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) accreditation, only given to the top 6% of the nation's behavioral health treatment programs. Co-founders Chris and Pax Prentiss authored an acclaimed series of treatment books including the original, groundbreaking book, The Alcoholism & Addiction Cure. In 2009, a new Passages addiction treatment center, Passages Ventura, was established in Ventura, California."
"At La Ventana we offer all levels of treatment for Eating Disorders including: (RTC) Residential Treatment Center, (PHP) Partial Hospitalization Programs, (IOP) Intensive Outpatient Programs, and transitional living. Our comprehensive treatment programs provide clients with tools to lead healthy and happy lives. We believe in individualized treatment planning with the focus on long term recovery. We accomplish this through the most up-to-date treatment modalities available. Giving support, educational materials and new coping skills allows our clients to feel healthy and positive as they move through their recovery process. Our program is also helpful for clients stepping down from inpatient care who would like to have continued treatment and support to assist them in their recovery process."
"HARP NuLife Addiction Treatment - Raising the bar of effectiveness within the scope of long-term quality sobriety. We merge cutting-edge neuroscience with holistic & customized care and create a platform for consistent, unfettered success! HARP NuLife isn't "A" treatment program, it is "Your" treatment experience - an experience targeting long term quality sobriety that is unique to your life and to your situation."