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Treatment Centers in Los Angeles County

"Growth Extended offers a premier residential treatment program specifically designed for adolescents and adults suffering from mental health disorders, substance abuse, eating disorders, and/or co-occurring conditions. Our residential treatment includes a highly trained compassionate staff offering 24-hour care, 7 days a week. The participants in our care benefit from a well structured program focused on providing holistic care using innovative and scientifically proven therapeutic modalities. With both the adolescent quarters and the adult facilities possessing the gold seal of accreditation from the Joint Commission, we are certain that you will be able to achieve the healing that is needed to get you back on track with your purpose in life."
"Roanne Program is the only program specializing in treating Borderline Personality Disorder in young men and women, and was named BEST IN TREATMENT by Psychology Today. Roanne Program is part of the JCAHO-Accredited Optimum Performance Institute, a leading therapeutic transitional living program for young adults up to the age of twenty-eight. The Roanne environment is a safe, happy, experiential one. Roanne's comprehensive, highly structured program addresses the issues that are holding young adults back, and instills the skills and habits to launch lives forward. Located just outside of Los Angeles, Roanne offers a plethora of opportunities for participants to practice their new skills and gain real successes as they move towards independence."
"Inward Journeys Counseling Center is dedicated to helping people live healthier lives. We were founded in 2006, and have been providing care for those with depression, anxiety and other mental health issues since. We specialize in trauma recovery by providing intensive treatment for those who have experienced molestation, rapes, domestic violence, and other traumatic experiences. We've found that when a comprehensive approach to treatment is employed that recovery is possible. We offer a partial hospitalization program to intensive outpatient program to outpatient services. Our intensive trauma recovery program is a standard treatment option. We're different than many treatment centers that only deal treatment of chemical dependency, our focus is to address the primary underlying psychological issues of the symptoms, while providing therapeutic and psychosocial support for introspection, healing and personal growth. We're licensed by the state of California and specialize in mental health and psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety. Over the many years in practice we have gained extensive experience in the treatment of trauma related disorders that include PTSD. We provide the highest level of care available outside of inpatient hospitalization. On an Inward Journey...... Dreams Come True."
"We offer therapy and counseling for a variety of conditions, diagnoses and concerns. Our therapists provide treatment for depression, anxiety, PTSD, childhood trauma, premarital/marital counseling, adjustment disorders and many other difficulties and basic problems of living. Please call us to consult with us. If we cannot help you directly, then we will provide you with a referral to a provider who can."
"Action Family Counseling's Residential program is designed to provide treatment services to adult and adolescent male and females with drug, alcohol and mental health related problems. The program is aimed at those who are in need of a residential treatment setting to maintain abstinence from chemical dependency and achieve mental health stabilization. The program operates seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day."
"Social Science Consulting (SSC) is an outpatient clinic providing evidence-based, solution-focused psychotherapy treatment to individuals, couples, families, and groups. Our team of clinicians treats children, adolescents, adults and older adults from a bio-psychosocial model of therapy. While our therapists are trained to delve deeply into a patient's past using established psychodynamic, depth-based psychological interventions, they recognize that most people have what it takes within themselves to resolve their own problems. Our therapists provide guidance and allow patients to be heard and understood in order for them to gain the emotional strength required to resolve the situations that cause them difficulty. Therefore, our counselors rely heavily on a patient-centered, respectful approach to psychotherapy in order to uncover the existential concerns, which are then examined and treated in a timely and cost-effective manner. Clinicians on staff at SSC use proven experiential, cognitive-behavioral, and solution-focused interventions to help each person find his or her own way to mental wellness."
"The Evolve Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) Day Program supports clients 13-18 years old who live at home but struggle to maintain balance due to Mental Health, Addiction, and Behavioral issues. At the Partial level of care, clients remain in the home environment, while attending our full day treatment program. The PHP level of care provides clients six hours of treatment five days a week. Clients receive individual and family therapy, as well as psycho-educational groups such as DBT, CBT, mindfulness and 12 step support. Additionally clients engage in experiential groups such as art, psychodrama, movement, and yoga therapies. In our Partial Program clients continue to engage in their schooling with available supports such as WASC Accredited curriculums, education staff, state of the art technology, career and college prep, educational testing, and advocacy. Our highly trained clinical team includes a Psychiatrist, Nurses, Licensed Therapists, Interns and Certified counselors and recovery coaches, all of whom bring comprehensive knowledge and expertise to the treatment experience. Centrally located in west Los Angeles, Evolve provides a warm and supportive environment that includes private therapy offices, group therapy suites, indoor and outdoor interaction spaces, and state of the art technology."
"We are excited to announce the opening of the new Bright Road Recovery Eating Disorder Treatment Center in the Claremont Village. Tamson Overholtzer, MS, MFT Executive Director has assembled a remarkable team of health professionals at Bright Road. This wealth of talent and experience creates an exciting new resource for Eating Disorder Treatment in Southern California. The Bright Road philosophy integrates recovery into the lives of Bright Road clients, helping the men and women in their program succeed in recovery and in their work, academics and relationships."
"We're an organization that asks you - what do you want to do with your life? Transcend Recovery Community has been helping clients build new lives in the Los Angeles recovery community since opening its first sober living in 2008. Now we are pleased to expand and offer our services in NYC. Do you or your loved ones feel alone in the struggle against alcohol, drugs, or mental health issues? At Transcend you are not alone. Give one of our intake specialists a call to learn more about becoming a part of our Recovery Community."
"We begin by creating outpatient treatment that is accessible and well-structured for you or your loved one to safely make mistakes and learn new skills. Our staff, with over 30 years of combined clinical expertise, models respect and integrity, while offering everyday tools to make better choices to stay clean and sober through evidenced-based clinical approaches like DBT, CBT, Trauma-focused and Mindfulness modalities. Here, you or your loved one will learn to manage sobriety and the uncertainty of life - and often the anxiety that comes along with it. We help you process and discard the self-defeating stories and behaviors that keep people stuck. Through group work, individual counseling, and family therapy, our clients learn accountability and boundaries, both to respect others' and to set boundaries for themselves."
"Our goal is to deliver a new level of excellence in treating executives, licensed professionals, and other high-achieving individuals by building on the tradition of success achieved over the past 25 years by State Physician Health Programs (PHPs). Drawing on decades of experience and research, and utilizing what has been developed and learned, PTP includes the optimal components of care to offer the most effective approach possible. These components include: Thorough Evaluations based on validated diagnostic criteria Client-Oriented Treatment Long-Term Monitoring and Advocacy"
"Destinations to Recovery is an evidence-based, Dual Diagnosis residential treatment center for youth ages 13-18 affected by co-occurring substance abuse and/or mental health disorders. The Canon house also features a strong behavior-oriented program with ABA trained counselors and an overarching DBT focus. Residents attend school while receiving comprehensive treatment services, including: individual, family and group therapy as well as a broad range of interactive art and music therapy, yoga/meditation, 12 Step groups and AA meetings, cultural and recreational activities; and life skills training including career development, job placement, health care, college prep, transitional planning and more. Our clients have access to a fully loaded virtual and physical classroom, state of the art gym, a pool, state of the art technology, chef, basketball, music, art, drama, gaming, hiking, nature/Zen Gardening, meditation, yoga, outings, media room, and much more."
"Avalon Malibu Mental Health & Addiction Treatment Center is a Licensed Addiction & Mental Health Treatment Center. Utilizing experiential methodologies, expressive arts and research based psychotherapies, we offer a place which provides a nurturing and therapeutic environment. Clients are encouraged to participate actively in their recovery. We provide five levels of care: Licensed Addiction Residential Treatment (Detoxification), Licensed Mental Health Residential Treatment, Partial Hospitalization Program, Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program Happiness is a choice of attitude. Resolve to choose gratefulness over regret until joy becomes your default setting. The process of healing is one of self-realization, the peeling away of the fears and negativity that obscure the light of your core self."
"Journey Malibu Treatment for Addiction is designed as a small facility that focus on the individual as a whole person."
"Located in Northridge, Las Angelas, California, A Step in the Right Direction offers addiction treatment intensive outpatient program, a partial hospitalization program, and an outpatient program that provides recovery education, support and ongoing treatment as clients move toward self-sufficiency, personal accountability, and growth. We provide treatment for Alcohol Abuse, Drug abuse, Dual-Diagnosis (Co-Occurring Disorders), Anxiety disorders, Bi-Polar, Depression, Eating Disorders, PTSD/Trauma and Co-Dependency. These programs are available both as a next step following residential treatment and for individuals who do not require the clinical intensity of residential treatment. Our Director, Dr. Jennifer Mather, designs, oversees and consistently improves an evidence-based addiction recovery program that is individualized to each client's needs and goals. In addition, we specialize in treatment for clients with Dual-Diagnosis (Co-Occurring) disorders. As an option, we offer a luxury woman's sober living home and men's sober living home, desirably located within a short driving distance from outpatient program facility. All of the personalized services we provide demonstrate that life lived in recovery and integrity is not only possible, it can be fun."
"Our team at Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles is committed to providing outstanding care that produces real, lasting results. We're here for you from the moment you call our office to long after your last treatment. Ketamine Clinics Ketamine Infusion Therapy offers more comprehensive, affordable, and effective care than any of the other depression treatment centers in the United States. With an 83% success rate, and depression lifted in as fast as one hour, no other severe depression treatment has ever caused such rapid and robust results. At Ketamine Clinics, we believe that personalized care tailored to you is the best way to succeed in helping you, so we take even the smallest details into consideration when discussing your treatment options. With over 35 years of devotion to patient care, our team is experienced and compassionate. With the latest information and state of the art technology, Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles is the choice for anyone interested in Ketamine Infusion Therapy."
"Successfully Providing Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Family Treatment Since 2002. Visions Treatment Centers offers a comprehensive clinically- based treatment option for adolescents, young adults and their families. Visions' multi-modal approach to treating complex issues relies on a team approach including family, previous treatment professionals, teachers, community experts and Visions' team of unparalleled clinicians. From Intervention to Aftercare, We are Committed to the Family...Committed to the Future."
Treatment Facility, PA, CASC
"Tri City Institute open their doors in 1993, providing medically assisted treatment on an outpatient basis. For patients residing in Compton, Gardena, Los Angeles and Lynwood California. We are Accredited by CARF holding a three Acceditation, Licensed with the State of Califronia, Los Angeles County, DEA and CSAT. Medical Director, Addiction Counselors, Physician Assistants and LVN's available daily, for patient needs."
"Our Sexual Integrity 6 day therapeutic program requires no residential stay but instead offers an intensive, multi-day outpatient experience. Our program is designed for those who could benefit most from a highly intensive, active, and Christian approach to treatment of compulsive sexual behaviors and sexual integrity issues. The program offers many benefits of a longer-term inpatient program while making it more affordable and manageable for busy schedules. The program will provide support for the spouse who is in trauma and we teach the acting out partner how to help during their recovery. In a supportive, confidential, nonjudgmental environment, clients work with an experienced team of Christian sexual integrity specialists to reduce shame, invite God's healing to eliminate problematic sexual behaviors."
"Rebos is a private, for-profit corporation located in Los Angeles, California. Living Rebos was founded on the fundamental principles of commitment, quality care, and individualized recovery programs for men and women. Programs under Rebos are certified and licensed by the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs (ADP). Our Mission To deliver the highest quality care that will empower individuals and families to achieve full recovery."