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Kaiser Treatment Centers in Orange

Area auto widened to Orange County - only 17 Treatment Centers were found in the city of Orange, CA.
New Day Psychotherapy Group, Treatment Facility  in Cypress
“New Day Psychotherapy Group is a practice of experienced clinicians serving two locations in Southern California (Cypress and Pasadena) and the surrounding areas with individual, couples, and family therapy. If you or your family are looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation or you're just ready to move in a new direction in life or your career, we look forward to working with you to achieve your goals and empower you to a positive path of growth and well-being.
(562) 479-0136
Cypress, California 90630
“Pilgrimage has been serving client's counseling needs for over 30-years. We are able to support individuals and families struggling with addictions and traumatic life experiences. Many times these challenges have left trust broken, grief, depression and anger in a relationship. We are able to help you bridge the gap between family members and move forward with positive relationships.
(626) 709-3591
Tustin, California 92780
The Lakehouse Recovery Center, Treatment Facility  in Corona Del Mar
“The Lakehouse Recovery Center provides primary rehabilitation service, medical and psychological care, detoxification, counseling and support for individuals caught in the grip of addiction and alcoholism. We specialize in aftercare programs designed to provide caring, comprehensive support resources including but limited to Sober Living, Intensive Outpatient and Sober Companion programs. We assist in the transition and re-integration into life following treatment. Call or email The Lakehouse Recovery Center now for a free consultation: (877) 405-9959
(877) 204-9990
We serve:
Corona Del Mar, California 92625
Destinations to Recovery - Canon House, Treatment Facility  in Newport Coast
“Destinations to Recovery is an evidence-based, Dual Diagnosis residential treatment center for youth ages 13-18 affected by co-occurring substance abuse and/or mental health disorders. The Canon house also features a strong behavior-oriented program with ABA trained counselors and an overarching DBT focus. Residents attend a WASC accredited high school curriculum while receiving comprehensive treatment services, including: individual, family and group therapy as well as a broad range of interactive art and music therapy, yoga/meditation, 12 Step groups and AA meetings, cultural and recreational activities; and life skills training including career development, job placement, health care, college prep, transitional planning and more. Our clients have access to a fully loaded virtual and physical classroom, state of the art gym, a pool, state of the art technology, chef, basketball, music, art, drama, gaming, hiking, nature/Zen Gardening, meditation, yoga, outings, media room, and much more
(310) 499-2923
We serve:
Newport Coast, California 92657
MFI Recovery Center, Treatment Facility  in Anaheim
“Every person has unique and personal needs as they scale their mountain toward a life free of addiction. To ensure the success of each person we care for and help, our drug addiction treatments and alcohol addiction treatments are diverse and recommended on an individual basis. Regular interactions with others who are on the same road or have been traveling the recovery road for a while will be able to recognize obstacles and offer moral support. This addiction treatment service is an essential part of an addiction-free lifestyle. Residential drug and alcohol abuse treatment centers are the most effective treatment for alcoholics and drug addicts alike. Outpatient addiction treatment services can be effective for those who wish to continue working, have a family to care for, or are stepping back into the world after a residential stay. Don't let the stress of family and work or despair of substance abuse ruin your life. Take charge of your future right now and call. Families can heal. Relationships can be restored.
(877) 425-4038
We serve:
Anaheim, California 92804
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Balboa Horizons, Treatment Facility  in Newport Beach
“Balboa Horizons offers a full continuum of addiction recovery services for men and women 18 years of age and older. We provide individualized treatment and allow our clients to focus exclusively on recovery by keeping our programs entirely gender-specific. For over eight years, we have specialized in the treatment of drug and alcohol addictions, self-defeating behaviors and co-occurring mental health diagnoses. Our serene recovery centers, located in Newport Beach and the surrounding beach cities, help to inspire change and growth. Our expert multidisciplinary staff provides clients the tools they need to transform their lives. If you or a loved one needs help, please call us today at (866) 316-4012 or visit
(866) 690-3025
Newport Beach, California 92661
Sovereign Academy Young Adult Program, Treatment Facility  in San Clemente
“Sovereign Academy has been designed to offer clients with addictions and/or mental health conditions the option to receive education while in a therapeutic and supportive treatment environment. Sovereign Academy offers three educational tracks that will help clients develop life skills, create confidence and begin developing educational and career plans for a brighter future.
(949) 430-7296
San Clemente, California 92673
Sovereign Health NTR Brain Restoration Rapid Detox, Treatment Facility  in San Clemente
“What is Brain Restoration+ (NTR) Neurotransmitter Restoration Therapy or BR+ is a Natural IV therapy used to help those detox from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. The IV therapy utilizes a co enzyme called NAD to saturate the brain in nutrients. The nutrients directly result in the decrease of withdrawal by 50% or more. The therapy eliminates cravings from the drug or alcohol by the end of treatment with a full brain restoration. The NAD process heals damage that has been done in the brain and corrects the chemical imbalances. In just 10-14 days, BR+ will improve fatigue, anxiety, and depression caused by the substance use.
(909) 726-7532
San Clemente, California 92673
Healing Path Recovery, Treatment Facility  in Newport Beach
“Healing Path Recovery is an intensive outpatient program for alcohol and substance abuse and dependence. A broad range of therapeutic and spiritual philosophies are combined with psychiatric care to ensure optimal treatment for the mind, body, and soul. Our goal is to help our clients achieve optimal recovery from alcohol and substance abuse disorders. We are dedicated to providing a safe and friendly environment where clients can process and express their feelings and experiences. Through this process of discovery clients will learn to cope with challenges, become stronger, and look forward to living a content, sober life. Healing Path Recovery is unique in its integrative approach to treatment by including different therapeutic and educational strategies. Our medical directory will personally interview each client, and together they will agree on the best course of treatment. Therapeutic settings address the areas of interpersonal relationships, coping skills, relapse prevention, psycho-education, trauma, meditation, mindfulness, co-dependency, and dual diagnosis. Additionally, we have art therapy workshops in order to experience different forms of self-expression.
(949) 281-6193
Newport Beach, California 92660
Hotel California By The Sea, Treatment Facility  in Newport Beach
“Hotel California By The Sea is the premier luxury drug and alcohol rehab center in Southern California, founded by Carl Mosen and Kevin Mello. Hotel California By The Sea is located in beautiful Newport Beach just a few steps from the sand and features a unique blend of treatment options, services, locations and amenities that are unmatched in the field. We offer alcohol and drug rehab for men and women of all ages, with specialty programs for young adults and an executive drug rehab as well. Check us out to see if our drug and alcohol rehab for women and men, drug rehab for young adults, and other programs are right for you or your loved ones.
(866) 486-4975
Newport Beach, California 92663
“The Whole Recovery Foundation has a wide range of facilities in California, Costa Rica and Panama, Central America. We specialize in the treatment of addiction and co-occurring disorders. If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, call us now for a free evaluation. We offer the best Holistic treatments available, while having the most affordable pricing in the country. Be free from the grips of addiction. Call 866-921-3778
(866) 672-6540
Costa Mesa, California 92626
Katelyn Hughes, Treatment Facility  in Laguna Beach
“Here you will find a level of care and understanding that addresses each client's concerns while customizing a treatment program for each individual. We have chosen only the best facilities to partner with and inspected and toured each one to meet our high standards. We appreciate and understand the courage that it takes to make this step in your life and we want you to be comfortable with the entire process. For some it means getting on an airplane and for others a friend or family member driving them in. Just know this, you're care and recovery is our most important mission as well as your success on the day you leave our facilities to begin a productive and successful life! We invite you to try a new standard in addiction treatment and behavioral care.
(760) 317-4567
Laguna Beach, California 92651
A Mission for Michael, Treatment Facility  in San Clemente
“A Mission for Michael is a group of dedicated healthcare professionals whose mission is to provide hope, healing and the most effective treatment for individuals and their family members who suffer from a dual diagnoses: chemical dependency and co-occurring mental illness.
(949) 860-7497
San Clemente, California 92673
Sovereign Health Mental Health Program, Treatment Facility  in San Clemente
“Free Assessment & Insurance Verification. We are a leading residential Addiction, Dual Diagnosis, Mental Health, and Eating Disorders Treatment provider in sunny Southern California. We offer evidence based treatment, individualized treatment plans, cognitive testing and rehabilitation, individual and group therapy sessions, and many other treatment components We invite you to review our website, chat online with us, or call for a free confidential assessment to learn more and discuss how we can be a solution for you. We ACCEPT MOST PPO and HMO insurances.
(949) 427-2489
San Clemente, California 92673
Northbound Treatment Services, Treatment Facility  in Newport Beach
“Northbound offers cutting-edge treatment customized to suit the needs of the individual. Our detox, 30, 60, and 90-day programs are designed to target a multitude of issues. We specialize in treating co-occurring disorders, and we offer comprehensive, dual diagnosis inpatient and outpatient treatment services. With over 26 years of experience, we can help with any chemical dependency issue, ranging from alcohol abuse to heroin addiction. Northbound's variety of individualized services makes us different from other treatment centers. We focus on helping individuals reintegrate back into normal living after getting sober. Our Academy program is designed to assist our young adults in continuing their education while living in a structured, supportive environment. Our Bridge program provides an environment where working professionals can participate in recovery and continue to work simultaneously. We also offer faith-based services for those who wish to build a Christ-centered recovery foundation. Contact us today to learn more about how our program can help you or your loved one achieve a productive, sober life. Northbound has received CARF accreditation, the gold standard in treatment care.
(866) 569-4729
Newport Beach, California 92660
Amen Clinics, Newport Beach CA, Treatment Facility  in Costa Mesa
“At Amen Clinics, we provide cutting-edge, comprehensive, individualized, brain-based evaluation and treatment of mental health conditions. We help people with a wide range of issues, including ADHD, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, autism, Asperger's syndrome, OCD, PTSD, brain trauma, addictions, memory problems, learning disorders, and behavior problems. With a better brain, everything in your life is better, including your physical health, work, relationships, finances, learning, energy, mood, and memory. We know that each person is unique, with different needs. Our exceptional staff of innovative, well-trained, experienced, and-most importantly-caring psychiatrists is here to help. We have many ways we work with patients, including phone consultations, in-office visits, and comprehensive evaluations that include brain imaging.
(949) 207-6251
Costa Mesa, California 92626
Reflections Recovery Center, Treatment Facility  in Costa Mesa
“Recovery Services offered are based on an individual approach. Outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation works. If you are seeking alternatives to an inpatient or residential drug rehab setting, or coming back home to Orange County from a recent stay in a detoxification unit, hospital, or twenty-four hour substance abuse facility - Reflections Recovery is for you. Our program provides a diverse, dynamic, and effective treatment experience, which greatly improves the individual's chance of a lifelong recovery.
(714) 294-2393
Costa Mesa, California 92626
Smart Recovery Group (Non 12 Step Option), Treatment Facility  in San Clemente
“Sovereign Health in San Clemente is proud to now offer Smart Recovery Groups free to the general public. SMART stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training. SMART Recovery is a self-help, abstinence-based program for people who want to kick an alcohol or drug or other addictive habit. Using principles of psychology, individuals help themselves to kick a problem habit, prevent relapses, and address habit-related personal problems.
(949) 357-1923
San Clemente, California 92673
Norooz Clinic, Treatment Facility  in Irvine
“We focus on building, and maintaining healthy relationships through common struggles. Our specialization is centered on one of the most important areas of life, relationships. As life gets challenging we all deserve a new day, a new beginning, and a fresh start. At the Norooz Clinic we want to help you find your fresh start, and move forward from anxiety, depression, marital dissatisfaction, anger, sexual dysfunction, and addiction. Additionally our Clinicians specialize in treating trauma, relationship problems, domestic violence, grief & loss counseling, at-risk counseling, and elder care.
(949) 242-9668
Irvine, California 92614
“Casa Bella Recovery is a CAARR-certified residential treatment facility that provides a unique contingency to close the door to the past of addiction, and open the window to the future. Our goal is to guide you to ride through the wave of drug and alcohol recovery. At our residential alcohol and drug treatment program we extend to each individual the choice to heal and grow. We have created a discrete, safe place ... where the addict is guided, hand in hand, to an addiction free future. Casa Bella Recovery is located in Laguna Beach alongside the beautiful Pacific Coast. Our addiction center is staffed with treatment professionals who are the very best in their fields.
(877) 564-9204
Laguna Beach, California 92651
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Kaiser Treatment Centers
Are you looking for an Orange Kaiser Treatment Program? These Orange Treatment Centers accept Kaiser insurance. They include Kaiser Treatment Centers in Orange, Kaiser psychologists and Kaiser counseling. A Orange Treatment Program who accepts Kaiser, may be in network with Kaiser, or you can make a claim on your Kaiser insurance as an out of network Kaiser provider.Please confirm when you make an appointment that the Treatment Program you select serves your benefit plan.

Inpatient or Outpatient Treatment


Residential Inpatient treatment in Orange usually consists of 24 hour care at a live-in facility. Full treatment services, including medical and behavioral therapy are provided all at one location near Orange.

Medical supervision is generally placed over each resident. In drug treatment centers, clients can detox safely. In eating disorder centers in Orange, residential programs enable effective monitoring of the client's health during the treatment program.

Inpatient care offers a structured atmosphere and allows the client and providers to focus on physical and psychological healing.


Outpatient treatment programs in Orange or clinics provide flexibility to those who are unable to take time away from their regular lives, work or school. Programs typically meet at the clinic a couple of times every week for a few hours at a time.

Because clients are living away from the centers, outpatient facilities in Orange are less able to focus on medical conditions and nutritional needs.

Certain programs provide a combination of the in/out approach: Inpatient for medical stabilization, partial hospitalization for moderate cases, intensive outpatient programs, and outpatient clinics for follow-up.